Fibro Foundation

"I know there is a cure out there and I hope we find it in my lifetime, 
but if we don't... you have to find it."
                                                              - Tucker Davis 1981-2010

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In 2008, when Tucker Davis (age 26) was diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (FHC), he founded the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation (FCF) with the hope of finding a cure for this often fatal disease. Because the incidence of FHC was so rare, little research had been conducted at that time. FCF has helped change that.

FCF's mission is three-fold:

  1. Find a cure and treatment options

  2. Raise awareness of this disease

  3. Connect and support the fibrolamellar community of patients and their families

FCF is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) tax deductible public charity. 100% of all donations go towards research. All FCF's overhead and administrative costs are paid by the Charles A. and Marna Davis Foundation and Stone Point Capital.

~~~~ Featured Ambassador Events ~~~~

October is Fibrolamellar Coffee Month and Liver Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of October there are coffee socials happening all over the U.S. and even a few on other continents.  This is the second year for these coffee socials, hosted by friends of the fibrolamellar community, to raise awareness and money for FCF.  Last year there were approximately 25 events taking varying forms from simple in-home morning coffees to more elaborate events.  Approximately $28,000 was raised.  This year the events have taken on some really interesting forms.  One coffee social in Illinois was actually a wine glass painting party, another included a raffle at Drew University, and the ladies of AST at Radford University in Virginia had a weeklong coffee social during lunch hours.  During the month there will be a dessert auction, pumpkin carving event, and dinner with entertainment by Josh Panda who wrote the song for FCF featured on the official video.  

October is Fibrolamellar Coffee Month was started by Gail Trecosta, mother of Matthew 1999-2014.  Gail is a source of strength to many in the fibrolmellar community and constantly supports the Foundation with her time and ideas.

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Photos in header:  (Above, left) Tucker Davis, (Above, right) Joshua Honeyman, former Rockefeller University Fellow, at work in Dr. Simon’s research lab in NYC