Fibro Foundation

"I know there is a cure out there and I hope we find it in my lifetime, 
but if we don't... you have to find it."
                                                              - Tucker Davis 1981-2010

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In 2008, when Tucker Davis (age 26) was diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (FHC), he founded the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation (FCF) with the hope of finding a cure for this often fatal disease. Because the incidence of FHC was so rare, little research had been conducted at that time. FCF has helped change that.

FCF's mission is three-fold:

  1. Find a cure and treatment options

  2. Raise awareness of this disease

  3. Connect and support the fibrolamellar community of patients and their families

FCF is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) tax deductible public charity. 100% of net donations go towards research. All FCF's overhead and administrative costs are paid by the Charles A. and Marna Davis Foundation and Stone Point Capital.

~~~~ Featured FCF News ~~~~

FCF is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director, John Hopper.  John is FCF’s first full- time employee, totally dedicated to the  mission of FCF. FCF has grown considerably in the five years since its  founding, with a predominantly part-time and volunteer staff.   It is time for a  business person, such as John, to drive FCF to its next chapter. John will be  managing the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, coordinating  research  initiatives and grant requests. He comes to FCF with many years  leading and  consulting within the healthcare, non-profit and marketing worlds.  He serves  on the board of the National Pancreas Foundation, which has  already brought synergies with the work of FCF. 

We wish to thank our retiring Executive Director, Bill Beermann, for all his hard  work these past five years. We are pleased and grateful of Bill’s offer to  continue on our Board and to assist in handling the finances of the Foundation  going forward, on a volunteer basis.  

So, thank you Bill….and welcome, John.


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Photos in header:  (Above, left) Tucker Davis, (Above, right) Joshua Honeyman, former Rockefeller University Fellow, at work in Dr. Simon’s research lab in NYC